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VerticalVet has aligned the essential products, services, savings, and education programs needed to help you grow your practice.

Our Partners

VerticalVet was started by a group of industry veterans who wanted to level the playing field and give a voice to the independent practices. Our members-only organization not only provides the savings on the equipment and medicine your practice needs to compete, it provides the tools and education to help your practice operate more efficiently and help you reach your growth potential.

Whether you run a startup, an established practice, or planning an exit, VerticalVet has what you need to lower costs and increase revenue.

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At the core of our offering is our comprehensive analytics dashboard. This provides our members with the insights they need to take charge of their practice.

By providing our members with the data needed to understand their business, and the resources needed to optimize it, our members are better able to capture missed opportunities and create sustained growth.

Member Benefits

Our Guarantees

  • No Long-term commitments
  • Never buy anything directly from VerticalVet
  • All negotiations are handled for you
  • Use only the services and suppliers helpful to your practice
  • Receive a full refund if the value of your membership is not worth more than 5x the annual fee!