Elevate your revenue stream.

What is the easiest way to increase your revenue? Stop overpaying on the products you use every day! Access the best prices on everything you need to run your practice, from the medications you give patients to the benefits you offer your team — and save the business thousands of dollars a year.

New to group purchasing? Let us explain.

We all know it’s less expensive to buy in bulk—that’s the premise of group purchasing. By working together, individual practices in the community gain access to preferred member pricing & rebates that have been pre-negotiated by VerticalVet.

How we’re different.

Far reaching impact.

Unlike typical GPOs that primarily focus on discounts and rebates, VerticalVet is focused on helping your practice grow. Not only have we negotiated the best prices on the products you use every day, we’ve teamed up with partners who specialize in a diverse range of business solutions, from credit card processors to insurance companies. You might not realize where else you could be saving money, but don’t worry – we do!

Only pay for what you need.

No quarterly or annual fees. With VerticalVet, you only pay for what you need. Instead of sending you an invoice, we deduct up to $550/year from the rebates you earn on the products and services you purchase through our partners.

Our partners.

We’re dedicated to bringing the best partners to our community, at the best prices. Here are some of the partners that collaborate with our members.


We’re stronger together.

At VerticalVet, we’re confident our partners will make great partners for your practice. VerticalVet Platinum members have used their savings to great effect and have shared with their groups how they make that extra money work in their practice.  To learn more about Platinum, click here.

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