We’ll help you raise the bar.

We leverage your clinic’s data to create targeted email, text and email campaigns to bring more clients through your doors – bringing in an average of $80,000 extra dollars to your clinic annually.

We start with a Healthy Practice Assessment.

Free of charge, we measure the historic reminder and preventive care performance of your clinic, identify prevalent gaps in current systems, and provide immediate solutions to address these gaps.

Reminders work — but might be too much work for your busy clinic.​

Do you have a staff member sending personal emails or postcards to every one of your patients? It’s incredibly time-intensive! We create a unique Strategic Reminder Plan for your practice to:

  • Optimize reminder performance across multiple communication channels
  • Maximize client engagement
  • Generate incremental reminder visits and revenue per visit
  • Increase compliance for reminder services and products requested

Consistently, we see that practices see a significant return on investment:

  • Increase weekly reminder revenue by $1,610 (over $81,000 annual increase)
  • Improve preventive care compliance by 50-70%
  • Increase client retention by 300 clients per year


Does your current GPO believe best practices count?

VerticalVet is all-in on Reminders. As a best practice, Reminders help every team member in the practice that is already doing their share of work become more efficient, providing even more opportunities to provide better patient care.

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