Data Insights

Watch your numbers soar.

As veterinary professionals, your focus should be on treating patients, not reading spreadsheets. That’s why we created a simple, comprehensive online dashboard that helps you track your practice’s results. We’ll also pair you with a personal consultant to help you understand your practice’s growth potential.

Growth starts by knowing where to go.

Our Elevate Dashboard makes it simple to answer important questions about your business, like: where is my revenue coming from? How do my prices compare to other clinics in the country?

Not a numbers person? That’s okay!

By taking advantage of VerticalVet Insights, you get access to a personal consultant who can help you navigate your Elevate Dashboard, share exclusive industry benchmarks and identify growth areas for your practice.

No additional software or prep needed.

Our Elevate Dashboard is compatible with most practice management systems and updates automatically daily.

Data Insights


Our Data Insights are free for all VerticalVet members who enlist in VerticalVet Reminders or are part of the VerticalVet Platinum Network. If you’re not enrolled in any of our other programs, you can take advantage of the Elevate Dashboard at $50/month. 

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